Since you’re reading this article you probably have ankle and/or calf pain when running, otherwise why the heck are you wasting your time here? In THIS VIDEO Dr. Caisse addresses the common issue of ankle pain while running. He describes the relationship of force distribution throughout the soft tissues and joints of the lower kinetic chain as it pertains to stiffness and hypomobility. Dr. Caisse also explains how to apply voodoo floss to the upper calf so that you can increase soft tissue extensibility and up regulate the inputs to the brain for better leg function while running. The anterior tibialis muscle on the front of the lower leg gets super stiff and that can cause problems with the way the ankle and knee function while running. By capturing the soft tissues just below the knee joint with the voodoo floss and the roller and creating shear forces, you are able to improve the relationship of the sliding surfaces in that area. This will drive up attenuation and force production which translates into you being a more resilient and efficient runner. You will also benefit from capturing the soft tissues of the proximal gastroc using the shin bone of your opposite leg and creating shear. Again, this will up regulate the system which translates into better function while running. Do this for at least two minutes on both legs. Don’t worry if you don’t have voodoo floss, you can still do this exercise without it.