Determining how to get rid of wrist pain seems to be a very confusing topic to search on the internet. There are so many videos and websites with mis-information about this topic it’s mind boggling. In this video we clearly state best practices for fixing wrist and forearm pain. Dr. Caisse is going to show you how to fix your forearm and wrist pain in less than two minutes using a lacrosse ball and a few little known tips and tricks he’s learned over the years. Dr. Caisse also explains three techniques that will save you hours and hundreds of dollars by not needing to see a physician or physical therapist every time you feel forearm pain. Trigger points develop in the body secondary to prolonged use and overuse of the muscle from repetitive and sustained activities over time. What happens is your muscles get smoked and need to take a break so the brain tells them to curl up into a knot, so-to-speak. However, there’s also inflammation which has occurred secondary to the repetitive friction between your skin, nerves and tendons and such. That inflammation binds those tissues together and causes something called adhesions. Think of it like lots of tiny, but strong spider webs being spun under your skin and making things stick together. The mistake most clinicians make is they go directly to the pain instead of thinking of the source. The cause of the pain is usually something either above or below the painful region. Think of the painful region as the path of least resistance or the weakest link in the chain. The trigger points and/or adhesions are the key to getting rid of the pain. As demonstrated in the video, you can find these points by pressing into the tissues above and below the painful region. Once you find something that’s abnormally stiff or tight vs the soft tissue surrounding it, you should employ the techniques demonstrated. *Sliding Surfaces* think about skin sliding against the muscles and the muscles sliding against the fascia, nerve, and tendons. This video ( ) demonstrates how to use voodoo floss to improve sliding surface dysfunction. *Neuromuscular Component* this is where you use contract-relax which will release trigger points. *Joint Capsule* please see this video: ( for joint capsule mobilizations to relieve wrist pain. There are few rules to consider. You must work on the affected tissues for a minimum of two minutes in order to see any appreciable result. You must set a timer for two minutes, otherwise you will not get the therapeutic effect from the exercise. Next, if you employ one technique for trigger points, one for sliding surfaces, and one for the joint capsule (see my video playlist: Wrist Mobilizations) and you still have pain or dysfunction, then you must continue searching above or below the problem area for more pathologic tissue and then repeat the process until you feel notable improvement in range of motion or decreased pain. Finally, be sure to spend at minimum 15-20 minutes per day on mobility working whatever feels stiff. If you are looking for more exercises and mobilizations for wrist or forearm pain, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at… We offer physical therapy services too. Please check out our website: ****Follow Us**** Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on twitter: Like us on Facebook: