Did you know that if done incorrectly daily tasks such as sitting at your desk, unpacking a box, or even standing at a cash register can cause long-term damage and pain?  The physical stressors of the workplace, especially prolonged sitting and incorrect lifting habits, can contribute to a leading cause of injury for employees such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back and neck dysfunction, and tendinitis. PhysioFit Rx can help you and your employees learn how to prevent injury by understanding, correcting, and developing your movement patterns so you stay in the game. We focus on your flexibility and mobility, ensuring you get full range of motion while reducing risk of injury.


Strains, sprains and muscle pain comprised more than half of the injuries firefighters sustained, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The job of a firefighter involves a lot of lifting and carrying heavy equipment and people. First responders also climb, pull, swing and shove. The movements can be awkward and repetitive. Being flexible and having good range of motion can prevent these injuries saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. PhysioFit Rx specializes in fixing repetitive movements that can lead to injuries and pain.

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